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Jump into the history of the modern bounce house

When it comes to party entertainment, one thing that has consistently captured the hearts of both kids and adults is the bounce house. But, the garish, colorful castles we remember fondly as children have had an upgrade. Enter the modern bounce house, with minimalist designs that bring an element of sophisticated fun to any event. In this blog, we will take you on a journey through the history of bounce houses and explore why modern bounce houses are the perfect choice for your contemporary event, whether that’s an upmarket wedding, a kiddie birthday party, or another celebration.


The history of the bounce house

Let's take a step back in time, to the early 1950s and the workshop of an engineer and former NASA-employee named John Scurlock. He’d invented the concept of an inflatable structure to use as a safety cushion for fire and rescue teams and was working on the idea for an inflatable cover for tennis courts. But, one day in 1959 he found his employees enjoying jumping on the cover he’d designed. Their fun sparked an idea and what we know today as the bounce house, was born.


The evolution to a modern, minimalist bounce house style

Initially, early inflatable structures were quite basic, and their designs were far from the vibrant and imaginative themes we remember from our childhoods. Fast forward to today, and bounce houses have taken a step back to their minimalist roots. Gone is the need to book a primary-colored inflatable. If your event requires a certain color scheme or a minimalist design to enhance your contemporary style, there are now bounce houses to fit your needs.

Modern bounce houses have clean lines, sleek designs, and minimalistic aesthetics that fit seamlessly into your event vibe. These new-age bounce houses originating first in the states from Orange County, California (2018) are designed to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your celebrations—while still retaining the traditional sense of fun but also capturing those memories. 

Modern bounce houses come in various sizes and shapes, but one particular style is gaining quickly in popularity—the white bounce house. Offering a completely blank canvas to be decorated in whatever color scheme you choose, the white bounce house is the new go-to in modern wedding entertainment ideas.

Confetti Bounce, DFW Metroplex premiere bounce house, bubble house and event rental company providing party essentials for all needs and sizes. 


Why book a modern bounce house over a traditional primary multi-patterned bounce house style

Party planning is riddled with tough decisions, and we know that the range of party inflatables on offer can be mind-boggling. That’s why if you want to rent a bounce house it’s worth understanding the advantages that a more modern design can bring. We all know how much fun the multi-patterned, colorful design bounce houses are, but what is it about a minimalistic, modern inflatable that works so well for so many different events? Here’s our take:


  • They’re versatile: One of the standout advantages of modern bounce houses is their ability to adapt to any theme or complement any color scheme. For example, if you're planning a wedding and want a bounce house to fit with a boho, dreamy atmosphere, a plain white bounce house, beautifully adorned with flowers, balloons, and drapes can work a treat.
  • The photos are epic: Think mid-air captures where the focus is on you, not the colors around you. Aesthetically pleasing as for a prop modern bounce houses inspire photographers to get creative—and they’re not an eyesore in the background of other event photos either.
  • They fit into upscale events, too:  Primary multi-color bounce houses designed more for children's parties than contemporary, sophisticated events. But an upscale event doesn’t have to be boring. A modern bounce house keeps the cool aesthetic without compromising on fun.

Confetti Bounce, DFW Metroplex premiere bounce house, bubble house and event rental company providing party essentials for all needs and sizes. 


When to hire a modern bounce house

Unsurprisingly, we love an inflatable, and we think that there really is no event that isn’t taken to the next level with a bounce house party rental. Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate a modern bounce house into your next celebration.


Fun weddings

Because nobody wants a boring wedding! Inject a sense of childlike fun and watch your guests find their inner kid again. A wedding bounce house adds an element of surprise—and bucketloads of laughter—to your special day. It can be used for photo sessions, decorated with balloon garlands to provide a unique reception backdrop, or simply for guests to enjoy a playful moment. We love this outdoor forest wedding vibe, with a bounce house that the guests clearly loved.

Birthday parties

Probably the most classic use for a bounce house, but with an up-to-date twist. A modern bounce house brings the same level of excitement as a more traditional design, but with a cool aesthetic that can be matched to your child’s favorite colors or their party theme. Unicorn party? A white bounce house surrounded by a rainbow balloon garland will be just the ticket.

Gender reveals

A difficult event to get right, especially when it comes to keeping guests engaged and entertained outside the main announcement. A pastel pink or blue bounce house could be part of the big reveal—or simply a creative way to ensure everyone attending has fun.

Family get-togethers

Make memories that last, at family reunions, barbecues, anniversary milestones, and more. Modern bounce houses are an excellent addition to any family gathering. They keep the kids—and big kids—entertained while the adults catch up. You never know, granny might even hop on there too.

Modern bounce houses have come a long way from their humble beginnings in John Scurlock’s workshop. They've evolved into sophisticated, versatile, and aesthetically-pleasing party rentals that bring a sense of excitement and joy to any event, from children’s parties to upscale weddings.  If you're in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area, you can explore our various options for bounce house rentals to make your event even more exciting. If you have questions or are looking for a quote for your next event, look no further, we’re the DFW white bounce house rental experts.

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