Bounce into November Prematurity Awareness Month

Bounce into November Prematurity Awareness Month

Every year in the United States, one in ten babies is born prematurely, facing unique challenges from the moment they take their first breath.

For their parents, the journey through the NICU and beyond is one of anxiety, hope, resilience, and love. That’s why every November is not just any other month, it’s Prematurity Awareness Month—a time for us all to learn more about the significance of preterm birth, the potential ongoing health risks for premature babies, and the financial and emotional toll it takes on parents and families. 

At DFW Confetti Bounce, we believe in celebrating these tiny fighters and their families in a big way. And what better way to support than by throwing a memorable fundraising party featuring modern bounce houses, bubble houses, and inflatable party supplies?

Confetti Bounce, DFW Metroplex premiere bounce house, bubble house and event rental company providing party essentials for all needs and sizes.
Photography by: thejavamama Balloons by: ayalaballoons 


Why support Prematurity Awareness Month?

Confetti Bounce was born out of our own heartbreaking experience with stillbirth, and our desire to celebrate the joy in every milestone we mark with our subsequent, healthy yet preemie child. That’s why, for Prematurity Awareness Month and World Prematurity Day, we help shout loudly for our world’s tiniest babies.

Celebrating Preemie with a Modern Purple Bounce House

Photography by: thejavamama

In the U.S., premature birth rates are among the highest in the developed world. This isn't just another health statistic; it's a challenge that affects moms, babies, and families profoundly. When babies arrive before the full 37 weeks of pregnancy, they start an intensive and pricey journey through medical care to help them grow strong and healthy.

Some babies are left with a lifetime of disabilities and developmental delays, a path that's not easy for them or their loved ones. 

With that in mind, welcome to Prematurity Awareness Month. A month of giving, support, and education to help provide crucial resources and raise funds for the immediate medical needs of preterm babies and essential research in neonatal care.

But it's not just about the medical stuff; it's also about being there for parents, offering them support, knowledge, and a warm sense of community. Throughout the month, there is also a focus on preventing preterm births and promoting healthier pregnancies.

By shining a spotlight on these vital issues, Prematurity Awareness Month—and World Prematurity Day on 14th November—are all about crafting a brighter future for pint-sized preemies and their amazing families.


Confetti Bounce, DFW Metroplex premiere bounce house, bubble house and event rental company providing party essentials for all needs and sizes.
Photography by: thejavamama

How can you support Prematurity Awareness Month?

At DFW Confetti Bounce, we're not just here to provide bounce house rentals. We're here to help you create memorable, meaningful moments. Moments that celebrate premature baby milestones, raise money towards preemie research, increase awareness of preemie baby families in your community, or that help fund your local NICU provision.

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